Rhonda Radford Adams is more than a dental hygienist; she's a visionary artist with a 33-year career that seamlessly blends healthcare expertise with the transformative power of art. Her art is a unique blend of mixed media, incorporating textiles, ceramics, and paints. It draws inspiration from her travels to over 16 countries, where she believes each destination provides a powerful opportunity to create healing art experiences with people worldwide. Rhonda's original artworks have been published in public and private collections, both nationally and internationally.

Her contemporary abstract mixed media creations, characterized by collage and textiles, have a profound ability to captivate the senses and engage the soul. Beyond aesthetics, Rhonda's art serves as a bridge between oral health and overall well-being, inspiring practitioners and advocating for art in healthcare.

Rhonda's philosophy revolves around color as a vibrant tool for healing and self-discovery, alleviating stress and anxiety while fostering personal growth. In addition to her artistry, she actively engages in health arts programs, offering creative exploration through expressive arts workshops. These workshops provide a range of mediums to explore colors and innovative ways to learn, covering topics from oral health to gardening. Rhonda has also created "The Hot S.P.I.T. Chronicles," a children's health education program that merges storytelling with dental health education.

In her free time, Rhonda appreciates dedicating herself to health arts programs, sharing her knowledge, teaching, and enlightening others along the way. In Rhonda's world, every hue invites you to embrace a more vibrant life. Her captivating creations extend an open invitation to appreciate her unique fusion of creativity and wellness at your leisure.