The Illustrators

Reginald C. Adams currently resides in Houston, Texas.  Over the past 20 years Reginald has facilitated the design, coordination and production over 350 public art projects and creative workshops across the Houston area and abroad.  Reginald focuses most of art projects towards children and over the past two decades he has engaged over 50,000 youth in the co-creation of his work.  Children’s book illustration has become a second extension of his passion to empower, engage and educate youth through the arts.


Samson Abimbola Adenugb is a Native West African visual artists, illustrator, painter and muralist. He is known for his bold and colorful paintings of the daily life on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.  Over the past two decades he has painted thousands of paintings, illustrated 6 children’s books and created a vast portfolio of painted and mosaic murals that are currently in schools, parks and institutions in the US.