Celebrating Martin Luther King Day with Garden Art @ Beauty’s Garden

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day with Garden Art @ Beauty’s Garden

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Just wanted to share a glimpse into the Garden Art Workshop we had on January 13th at Booker T. Washington High School, all thanks to Beauty's Garden for sponsoring this creative event!

Through this hands-on activity, we aimed to cultivate understanding and kindness, reflecting on how every color contributes to the diaspora in our diverse and united community.  In the workshop, we used paint markers to add a pop of personality to our flower pots as participants selected colors and how they can affect our mood. Plus, everyone got to design their pots in unique ways, resulting in some really creative designs.

We also got our hands into some gardening, planting mint and rosemary in our newly decorated pots. It wasn't just about planting; we learned loads about these herbs, like their health benefits and different ways to use them.

The whole day was about bringing Dr. King's vision to life in our own little way. We combined art, gardening, and learning in a fun, casual setting. Great conversations, new friends, and a whole lot of community spirit – that's what it was all about. This is why community art projects are so important – they spark creativity and bring us together, just like Dr. King dreamed. Great way to learn, have fun, and connect with each other! Thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable day!



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