HUEniforms was founded to merchandise the concepts and designs of ARTRRA - Rhonda Radford Adams, a  life-trained artist whose passion for creativity is expressed through the color, form and movement of her original artwork.  With 30 years experience as a pediatric dental hygienist, this life trained health artist is best known for her clever and creative fashion alternatives to the dreaded 'white coat syndrome’.  Nearly 10-20% of people experience this peculiar phenomenon that occurs when a person is found to experience higher blood pressure when visiting the doctor.  Although the iconic white coat is a staple in the medical       community, Rhonda is on a mission to reinvent this fashion faux pas.        

It was through her many different community outreach missions that this healing artist discovered that fashion could be used to promote wellness. It all started with what Rhonda refers to as a ‘Happy Accident’.  After a full day in the dental office, she discovered much to her dismay a leaking ink pen in the pocket of a brand new white coat. Being quite fond of the unique fit of this particular coat, she simply continued with the organic design of the ink blot.  Having nothing to lose and everything to gain this dental hygienist turn fashion designer rediscovered a  whimsical and colorful way to approach wellness in the health care environment.  After wearing her repurposed coat in the clinical settings and upon school visits the reactions by children, adults and health care providers were simply incredible!

Hence, this new line of custom designed scrub tops, lab coats, jackets and surgical caps quickly began to take a life of it’s own. In healthcare settings, where a patient's sense of control is often lost or minimized, The HUEniforms brand designs are a creative solution to the dreaded white coat syndrome. Rhonda's signature designs are color filled with intent to serve as an emotional inspiration based on the power of the 7 chakra colors - Red;  Orange; Yellow;Green;Blue;Indigo & Violet.

Our thoughtful creative designs are intended to help reduce anxiety and bring the patient, staff and families into the center of any health care experience and enhance the overall quality of care provided.  Geared towards the healthcare and wellness industry, our apparel and decor line incorporate the healing power of color to inspire  the Healer in HUE!